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Harford Streams Watershed Stewards Academy


Harford Streams is working with the University of Maryland Extension Office to establish a Watersheds Stewards Academy. Master Watershed Stewards are trained to become community leaders who promote Harford Stream’s mission to increase water quality awareness, encourage actions to reduce human impacts to water quality, and engage communities to take actions to improve water quality.

Our first class of Watershed Stewards graduated in May 2018 and the class of 2020 began on September 10, 2019. If you are interested in more information about our next class beginning in September 21, 2021, let us know by filling out the following form. 

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Watershed Stewards Academy 

The first Watershed Stewards Academy class graduated in May of 2018.  A requirement for our Watershed Stewards was to complete a capstone project that improves stream health.  Take a look at the Floating Wetlands project completed by Stewards Allison Mosley and Bryon Bodt.  The project was completed at Ladew Gardens in Monkton.  Stop by for a visit to see the project for yourself.

For more information about projects completed by the Watershed Stewards, visit Master Watershed Stewards Projects.

For more information about attending the Watershed Stewards Academy, visit Watershed Stewards Academy.

Other fun projects include rain gardens! However; before planting a rain garden, a percolation test has to be done. A percolation test is used to determine the water absorption rate of soil. Take at our WSA percolation test!

Watershed Stewards Academy: Class of 2019  

WSA Class of 17-01

Watershed Stewards Academy: Class of 2020 

WSA Class Photo of 20-02